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Early Voting Starts Sept. 23!

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Its been an honor to serve the residents of Ramsey Ward 3! 

Here are a few of our recent accomplishments.

  • Fully funded our Police and approved the purchase of body cameras for their use.

  • Eliminated fees and simplified city code.

    • Eliminated Hunting Fee

    • Eliminated Dog license and fee

    • Eliminated Franchise Fee

    • Rewrote Animal Ordinance drastically reducing its complexity

  • Member of the HWY 10 Coalition Committee.  Worked to secure full funding for HWY 10 overpasses for Ramsey Blvd and Sunfish Blvd.

  • Approved new businesses coming to Ramsey including an expanded GiGi’s Salon, O’Reilly’s Auto Part store, Sammy’s Pizza, Sunwood Nutrition, Allison’s Petite Pastries, Miss Iz Ice Cream, and additional land under contract for more business.

  • Approved new High School building and stadium for PACT Charter School.

  • Voted against new developments in the more rural areas of Ramsey. 

  • Implemented the Playground Replacement Policy to ensure our parks have safe, fun equipment.

  • Pushed for and approved new playground equipment for Ward 3’s Peltzer’s park. 

  • Roads & Driving

    • Created a fiscally sound, transparent funding mechanism for Ramsey’s roads.

    • Voted against additional access roads for Bowers drive ensuring it maintains its unique appeal.

    • Approved additional funding for the city streets.

Nov 8th vote in person:
Precincts 1 & 3 at Ramsey City Hall
Precinct 2 at the Public Works Building

How to Help



I've been honored to serve the City of Ramsey Ward 3 since 2019!

Ward 3 in Ramsey stretches from Alpine Dr. down to the Mississippi River!

I enjoy Ramsey and my family is proud to call it "Home!"  Yes, I work to make sure your voice is heard at City Hall!  

Professionally, I bring an experience-based perspective on the importance of 
listening to people and bringing in a multiple of perspectives to achieve a stronger solution.   


At PACT Charter School in Ramsey, I was elected as Chairman of that School Board.  


I work to use this experience to make Ramsey an even better city for families and businesses!  

Request: I am asking for your vote this fall.



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