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Early Voting Starts Sept. 23!

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Its been an honor to serve the residents of Ramsey Ward 3! 

Here are a few of our recent accomplishments.

  • Fully funded our Police and approved the purchase of body cameras for their use.

  • Eliminated fees and simplified city code.

    • Eliminated Hunting Fee

    • Eliminated Dog license and fee

    • Eliminated Franchise Fee

    • Rewrote Animal Ordinance drastically reducing its complexity

  • Member of the HWY 10 Coalition Committee.  Worked to secure full funding for HWY 10 overpasses for Ramsey Blvd and Sunfish Blvd.

  • Approved new businesses coming to the COR including an expanded GiGi’s Salon, O’Reilly’s Auto Part store, Sammy’s Pizza and additional land under contract for more business.

  • Approved new High School building and stadium for PACT Charter School.

  • Voted against new developments in the more rural areas of Ramsey. 

  • Implemented the Playground Replacement Policy to ensure our parks have safe, fun equipment.

  • Pushed for and approved new playground equipment for Ward 3’s Peltzer’s park. 

  • Roads & Driving

    • Created a fiscally sound, transparent funding mechanism for Ramsey’s roads.

    • Voted against additional access roads for Bowers drive ensuring it maintains its unique appeal.

    • Approved additional funding for the city streets.

Nov 8th vote in person:
Precincts 1 & 3 at Ramsey City Hall
Precinct 2 at the Public Works Building

How to Help



I've been honored to serve the City of Ramsey Ward 3 since 2019!

Ward 3 in Ramsey stretches from Alpine Dr. down to the Mississippi River!

I enjoy Ramsey and my family is proud to call it "Home!"  Yes, I work to make sure your voice is heard at City Hall!  

Professionally, I bring an experience-based perspective on the importance of 
listening to people and bringing in a multiple of perspectives to achieve a stronger solution.   


At PACT Charter School in Ramsey, I was elected as Chairman of that School Board.  


I work to use this experience to make Ramsey an even better city for families and businesses!  

Request: I am asking for your vote this fall.



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